Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I hate advertising part 2

I know sex sells and all.  But there's innuendo and there's WTH?

This ad is for a very fancy high end GYM. The title is called "Confidence."  It's not too bad, though I fail to see WHY they had to have half naked lady as the confidence image. They could have had an athlete or depicted a mom/ dad chasing after a child on one half and them working out on the other... But this?

 This one though, this one is the worst of all of this gym's ads (there are several -balance and flexibility aren't pictured here).
This one is called "Endurance."
Why do I have to see this while I'm walking down the sidewalks?
I could understand if it were in a print magazine and I bought it- then it would have been my decision to open the magazine.


Ok, just to get those out of your head, here's a nice shot looking up coming out of the Columbus Circle subway.

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