Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Already?!

Wow does time go by quickly!
I can't say I've been up to much since the last time I posted. If you recall I hurt my foot way back when, and then it didn't heal properly, and THEN with surgery coming this month, I managed to cause a secondary injury- a minor but annoying one- that makes it all but impossible to walk more than a few blocks.
I'd like to thank Netflix for its extensive Sesame St collection for instant watch- Ranger is content (for now) to watch tv (sigh- bad mom of the year award, right?) instead of going out to explore our city. Some days I can get him to the playground, but increasingly not.
I'd also like to thank Swagbucks. I didn't know they had games on their site, and have more than once held a sleeping baby while playing their games and "earning" swagbucks.
This month I'll not be posting much. I have many appointments leading up to the surgery to fix my foot, and then of course post surgery there's the whole healing up thing. I'll try to pop in now and then to say hi.

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