Friday, July 15, 2011

Emily's Sugar Rush: Forest Hills candy store better than Dylan's

When it comes to candy stores, Dylan's has had the market in NYC for as long as I've been here. There is a huge store (and tourist trap) on the East Side near the 60s, one near Times Square that opened late last year, and there are a few satellite stores, including one in the Hamptons.

But now they have real competition.  Enter Forest Hills' new candy store, Emily's Sugar Rush, with the tag line of "Let your monkey out".

The proprietors are locals and if you are lucky enough to chat with them, very lovely.  Apparently Dylan's has sent at least three different employees to check out the store (and I was told they were very nice and open about their purposes- no undercover corporate candy spy stories here).

We stop in just about weakly for Jelly Belly beans and or Gummy Bears (hey, we're supporting the local economy, just in a very sweet way!).  I must say that their selection is awesome, AND when E mentioned he liked a specific flavor of Jelly Belly, they ordered it and now stock it as part of their normal flavors.

Every time we stop by I spot something I didn't see last time, either because I was looking elsewhere or because they've added new items.  For instance, they now have a sugar free section (not pictured).

I go for the table items... mmm Gobstopers for me and something on a stick for Ranger.

I feel like the prices are reasonable, and while we haven't done an exact comparison, E and I feel like the prices are better than Dylan's.

You might wonder how a little store like this could compete with a huge big name place like Dylan's.  For me it's the local feel, but also it is the antithesis of obnoxious.  The music is not loud/annoying. The store is not over packed nor visually reminiscent of a where's Wally picture (this is big for me- the store's clean lines and neatly organized inventory is very inviting).

I also love that there is a nice mix of old favorites and new curiosities (did you know you can BREATHE chocolate?!!!).

Walking into Emily's Sugar Rush is like stepping back into the best parts of childhood.

p.s. if you're headed to the movies, take your tickets with you and you can get a discount.

p.p.s. no body paid me a thing to write this up, but I wouldn't mind some Gobstoppers.

UPDATED: 8/6/12
I wanted to add that I have never seen such caring from my neighborhood stores as I have from Emily's Sugar Rush. When I lost my father, an extra treat ended up in our bag. We happened to run into them on the day my second son was being born, and they sent us a gift bag. And the day after I lost my mom, unbeknownst to them, they had a special free sample of a huge chocolate bar - and chocolate is a natural healer, you know.

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