Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hi. Let me introduce myself...

Yeah yeah, It's been a while, I know. Life just gets so FULL some times!

I don't have much that's share worthy...or, more accurate, blogworthy (do you really want to know about my cat who has forgotten how to properly use the box and thus has tested the strength of every cleaning agent in the house? I didn't think so. You're welcome.)

I DID feel the earthquake today. Really weirded me out. I am super sensitive to motion, so I started to get queasy. Then I noticed that the hanging lamp was chinging and swinging, and that there was a lot of rattling going on with stuff in the kitchen. It lasted longer than I ever thought something like that would. And THEN I was queasy for a while, because motion does that to me (stupid inner ear virus when I was 22 ended all roller coaster rides for life, even the merry-go-round gets me queasy. bummer).

I grabbed the phone and hit twitter and got verification that I wasn't losing my mind. Once the epicenter was announced, I texted E. He had the distinct experience of being in D.C. Finally I followed family protocol and made a facebook entry indicating that my status was just fine. Yes, our family has protocol on this. We also have a phone tree for more personal emergencies (the kind unlikely to clog up the nation's phone lines). We're military-geeks like that.

Which reminds me, I have a new nephew! Twogunpete (not his real name) came in kickin' yesterday-ish. Likely his name is already down for enlistment in the USMC eighteen years from now.

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