Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Scancafe

I had every intention of scanning all of the photos I took possession of when my mom moved into a care facility.

And I even started.

But I found looking at the pictures too emotional. Seeing my mom's youth and my childhood, under the circumstances -especially after my mom was gone- was too much for me.

I remembered seeing a scan service through Snapfish (Scancafe) and I sent some of my photos, many already made electronic, as a test run. I found the process so easy that I sent a batch of 500 family photos.

I really like this service. I put the photos in a box - I didn't but I could have grouped them if I wanted. I printed out a shipping form and took the box to a UPS store. I got a tracking number and regular emails letting me know where in the process my photos were. Obviously it is not a fast process, but before long they sent an email notifying me that I could go to Snapfish and view my photos. A week or so later my originals came neatly packaged and with a CD inside.

This isn't the cheapest solution to making your photos electronic, but they have regular deals. I recently purchased another batch at nearly half off. In fact I overestimated how many pictures were left and am collecting photos from E's family to fill in the gap.

I still want to go back and label the pictures so that any notes that are on the back of the photos are captured, but that will take time and emotional energy. In the mean time the photos are there for family members to see.

I wasn't compensated for this. I just wanted to share something that worked really well for me.

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