Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Congratulations to me, I'm getting a Kindle (in three months)

After saving and saving for months, finally the time has arrived that I can order my very own Kindle from Amazon. I have watched my loving husband read from his for the past year, have listened to him drone on and on about its virtues, have borrowed it to press it's sleek buttons and sample books I had seen. It is finally my turn!

With ONE Click, I order my marvelous marvel. I do a little dance (surreptitiously since I am at work), and look to see when can I expect this marvel of marvels at my door (or rather, at my concierge's desk since I live in an elevator doorman concierge building)...


Yes, I knew these marvelous marvels were on back order. But MARCH?

What, is this a part of the patience test?

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