Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How hard can it be?

From the moment a young woman gets her first period, she is told how easy it could be to get pregnant if she was not Absolutely Positively Insanely careful. Indeed, I've seen some postings on "am I pregnant" web sites which would imply some people take these words of caution to extreme levels (one of these postings was answered with, no you cannot get pregnant if you were at the time of contact, fully dressed). You hear stories on the news about unplanned pregnancies... some higher visability than others depending on the mother-to-be's (or her mother's) standing in the public's eye. And yet!

The average amount of time it takes for a healthy couple to get that double yes-you're-finally-pregnant line is a year.

I can understand a few months, especially if you've been on contraceptives. Of course, your body needs to be rid of the contraceptives and that can take time (though I've heard you can get pregnant while taking contraceptives- see first para). But a year? WTF? I know, I shouldn't complain. I have short cycles (23 days). I've only been at the TTC stage for six cycles, around five months. All the more time to enjoy being married and living in NYC, right?

Maybe it's a test. Maybe control freaks like myself must learn first to accept that their body is not in their absolute control and in accepting that, will be prepared for the chaos that comes with a screaming, football-sized poop machine. Maybe it's a test of patience. Or maybe it's an omnicient being's idea of entertainment, in the same way that we all sit around watching desperate real and fictional housewives and wanta-be-famous rock stars and dancers.

My family's motto is What will be will be- all will work out as it is intended to work out. Or, if that doesn't apply to the situation, Adapt and overcome (my favorite). Since I can't adapt and overcome in my quest to have my own personal screaming, football-sized poop machine...I guess I'll have to wait for the power(s) that be to determine if I've passed the control and patience tests well enough to be worthy of said screaming, football-sized poop machine.

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