Monday, January 5, 2009

Alternating KP duty, presidential history, thoughts

My husband and I switch off our weeks for KP duty. This week is his week to cook, and tonight he made one of our favs, Bison chili. Switching off KP duty is great in concept; I am still learning to stay out of the kitchen. I know full well he can cook, but inevitably I find myself hovering around offering hints on where stuff is or stepping in when I think the meat will get over cooked if not stirred THIS MOMENT. I took myself out of the kitchen and set up our nightly entertainment on the Apple TV.

We're watching documentary of late, on the US Presidents. We've seen through Polk as of tonight. It's interesting learning about presidents now, the virtual eve of change. (I cared so little in politics prior to this, and cared less for history prior to knowing my history buff husband) We remark over similarities in campaign styles and leadership traits through the ages. And both of us learn new things, or learn things we'd forgotten. War of 1812? Not quite the rounding success we'd thought it was. Jackson? Ok, apparently some people think he was a good president, but 1) Trail of Tears, and 2) the whole bank thing, which amounts to him having a personal vendetta and essentially screwing up the economic system (causing two panics for his predecessor to deal with). I mean, the man took the land from the Native Americans, and when the Supreme Court agreed with the Native Americans, he still took the land and told the court off (something to the extent of, they (the court system) can try to enforce their decision)!

My daily Caloric intake is once again less than I burned. Now if I can just figure out why the numbers on the scale aren't moving the right direction!

Lastly, learned that my mom will need to have back surgery to get the pressure off her nerve. At some point we all have to face that our parents are not the supreme invincible beings we thought they were. And I'm so far away here in NYC...she's in Alabama. I will have to be happy with sending care packages while my brothers make sure our father doesn't over look his health taking care of hers. It's hard to grow up.

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