Friday, January 16, 2009

It's too effin cold! Oh, and happy Friday.

Huzah for Friday! And on a long weekend!

This is the entry for cold:

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
chilly, freezing
algid, arctic, below freezing, below zero, benumbed, biting, bitter,
blasting, bleak, boreal, brisk, brumal, chill, chilled, cool, crisp,
cutting, frigid, frore, frosty, frozen, gelid, glacial, have goose bumps,
hawkish, hiemal, hyperborean, icebox, iced, icy, inclement, intense, keen,
nipping, nippy, numbed, numbing, one-dog night, penetrating, piercing,
polar, raw, rimy, severe, sharp, shivery,
Siberian, sleety, snappy, snowy, stinging, two-dog night, wintry

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
frigid conditions
ague, algidity, algor, chill, chilliness, coldness, congelation, draft, freeze,
frigidity, frost, frostbite, frostiness, frozenness, gelidity,
gelidness, glaciation, goose flesh, iciness, inclemency,
rawness, refrigeration, shivering, shivers, snow, wintertime, wintriness

There's 11 entries, but the ones that pertain to temperature are pretty much the same.
We went to Starbucks today, as is our Friday morning tradition. It was almost as cold inside as it was outside. We had our coats on while we drank our hot lattes and were still cold.

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