Sunday, March 15, 2009


This weekend was full of success. I did bring work home, but felt rather successful when I accomplished all I set out to before 1pm on Saturday. It was rewarding work, looking to make sure numbers were represented correctly.

We successfully put our bikes into the shop to be repaired. I think we'd both dreaded this, because our bikes are nice bikes but had been stored outside on a covered patio for almost two years. Think: rust. I don't know about E, but I was sure the bike store people would accuse me of being a negligent bike owner.

I successfully made this cake ball recipe even though I accidentally bought a cake mix that was Kosher for Passover. Think: no flour. I was looking for a small box so that I wouldn't have million little balls of cake that tasted bad (I was remembering the great cupcake disaster of January).
I made perhaps a dozen and a half, which was perfect for the amount of chocolate I had for dipping. Melting chocolates is a winter activity, so I had not replenished my melting chocolates after my last use. I even had three cake balls which were not given the chocolate bath treatment. They might have been eaten as test cases. No point in covering something in chocolate if you're not extra sure they taste good. Turns out the Kosher for Passover wasn't a bad choice (even if it was unintentional)- the cake mix was just sweet enough, but not overly sweet and nicely countered the bitter sweetness of the bitter sweet chocolate (that was all I had left in the brown chocolates) and balanced out the extra sweetness of the white chocolate. I put individual pieces into little plastic bags with "homemade candy" stickers on them.

I am also very excited about my successful "garden" which is about 10 inches long by four inches wide. It has something GREEN growing in it, and I'm pretty sure it's what I planted. I mean, they don't let weeds get into the pre packaged dirt, right?

Ha! And look at that shot! I think I'm starting to get the hang of these macro lenses. Hopefully I can remember exactly what I did when I took this shot....

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