Sunday, September 13, 2009

MTA is ATM spelled backwards

So today I saw a sign that was transparent enough for me to see the other side, so instead of seeing ATM I saw MTA. That got me to thinking how correct the analogy is, that the one is the reverse of the other.
When you go to the ATM, you put in a card and get money.
When you got to the MTA machine (to purchase your subway tickets), you put in money and get a card.
And if you loose what either machine gives you, well, you're out of luck.
(as an aside, I spent most of my young adult life thinking SOL was "so out of luck." I also thought FIGMO stood for "forget it- got my orders" and boy did I get a chewing out for that one!).


  1. Stephanie: I probably should have explained that when you're in the military you get orders to go to a new assignment. In the last few weeks of the old assignment you don't typically get much done. My older brother, who was and is still in the same branch of service, said that I should hang up a copy of my orders with FIGMO written on it. No one said anything to me when I did it, until this high ranking woman came in and gave me a chewing out. Turns out it means F*ck it- got my orders.

  2. Wow. Did you hit your brother the next time you saw him? :)


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