Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No PC required...PC required.

I finally have a few moments to write up a post and... nothing. At least, nothing worth sharing.

I COULD tell you about my adventures in projectile body fluids, but I don't want to this blog to become a mommy blog. Nothing wrong with mommy blogs, but it's not what I envision for this here blog. Not that I have too much a vision for it. I've been doing this for a year now and I'm still not sure what I'm doing.

I guess I could tell you about how I registered for a wireless webcam and someone got it for us. And how when I registered for it, I only paid attention to the part that said "No PC required" so I didn't think about, you know, the fact that I now have a mac. I didn't notice the requirements section where it actually spelled out that you do in fact need a PC. And no a Mac won't do.

The whole point was to have a camera that is wireless so that I don't have to hold Ranger up to the built in camera on the Mac for my parents to see him. They're not going to get to NYC given their on going health problems (the hazards of getting old), so until we get the chance to fly down to them (in the panhandle of FL), Skype is the means by which they'll see their grandson.

Now I have this camera that I COULD possibly return to where it came, if I got the order number from the people who bought it for us. Instead, I am going to send it to my folks. They have a PC, and the picture quality on their webcam is lacking. My IT loving brother will install it for them. The gift is still put to great use, and every one is happy.
Eventually I'll get my wireless webcam for the Mac.

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  1. Happy New Year, Teresa! Best wishes for a fantastic 2010. (With less projectile body fluids, I hope.)


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