Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello my name is Theresa, and I'm addicted to

There should seriously be a 12 step program.  Now that Amazon has subscription services, where you can set up automatic shipments of things you need (and it's in bulk), we always have something on its way.  That gimungous box of toilet paper will last us around 6 months, the paper towels will last us even longer.  Toothpaste though, comes every third month (there are four containers in the box). Laundry detergent every 2 months. Baby wipes once a month (a big box of 770). 
Amazon's one click option, plus the Prime membership which provides 2 day shipping free on most items means it's just too easy for me to point click and buy.

And to think, I remember when Amazon just sold books.

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  1. I hadn't thought about that in forever...the just books, thing. Wow. I remember that, too. And yes, I admit, we get a little amazon happy over here, too. But they have EVERYTHING and it's always cheaper! And free shipping on most stuff. Come on! How can you not buy from them? LOL


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