Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

Last year there was an entire Cadbury Creme incident in which I was accused (somewhat correctly unless you figure that there are always more available in stores) of eating the Last Cadbury Creme Egg.  This accusation was accompanied by a song and dance routine that became the gold standard for when I "allegedly" eat the last of something yummy.

Today E came home and told me that along with the toothpaste, he picked up a special surprise for me.
My mind went blank. What all is there at CVS that I would be happy to get?

Ah, but I did not know that the holidays sprawl into each other so endlessly, from Christmas to ValentinesEaster.  

And since my husband is smart, he got more than two.  If he were REALLY smart, he'd make sure to hide or eat his.

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  1. weakness. Cadbury Creme eggs!!!!! It didn't help at all that they sell these pretty much year round in England. Or just the Cadbury bars in general. They have a new one now that's like a caramello, except it has the Cadbury egg filling in it. A Creme Egg CANDY BAR!!! I think the boys are probably about made up of about 50% those and orange glazed cinn. rolls and crousants. :) That's about all I ate the last three months of my pregnancy. LOL


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