Friday, February 12, 2010

Stormy weather

I took some pictures of the snowfall the other day, specifically to share with you. BUT what with being *under the weather* hehe and the baby also being sick, might be a while before you see those pictures.
But the amazing thing is...the city just doesn't stop.  The buses ran, taxis were full, and stores were open.

We're headed out of town this weekend.  My family hasn't seen Ranger in real life, only on Skype, so we're taking him on his first plane ride at 11 weeks old. I just hope that our flight out isn't delayed (much) tomorrow.
I'll take pictures.  Not sure when those will get posted either, because upon our return, I'll be headed into our annual massive surge workload at BIG INC. 

Is it spring yet?

P.S.  The cadbury creme eggs that our local CVS store had out have been removed! Why? Why do they taunt me with delicious egg-shapped yumminess only to take them away?

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  1. Don't worry. They have them out at Walmaart down here already, so you can stock up. LOL Take care and have a great visit!


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