Sunday, March 7, 2010

How many trips to the store does it take to change a lightbulb?

This is Ranger's new lamp.
I got it from Target using Amazon.  The little airplane is able to spin around the stem, and the propeller can spin.  Very cute, right?
The instructions said it takes a 40w type B bulb.  We had one of those at home, but it was too tall, so we made Gracious Homes a stop on our errand list and asked for the CFL version of a 40w type B bulb.  This one was not as tall as the one we had at home.  Easy peasy.
Except that the bulb was still too long for the shade to fit. Drat.
BACK we went today to Gracious Homes.  We found a "mini" sized bulb that was significantly smaller.  They did an exchange/refund and home we went. Yay.
Except that it still is not a perfect fit.  The shade is just barely on there- just sturdy enough that it wont fall, but certainly not as it is intended.  It will have to do though. Neither of us want to go back, plus it was the smallest size we could find. Which makes me wonder, what does fit perfectly in there? Is there a "Children's lamps" section of light bulbs no one is telling us about?

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