Sunday, March 7, 2010

what's the password?

Used to be I only had two or three passwords that I would use on things, and life was simple. Now there are new requirements on passwords, so my stand-bys don't work. Which means I make new ones. And promptly forget them.  I have forgotten my Equifax password every time I go to open it, so I then have to reset it, which means a new password. Which I will forget anyhow.  My work computer requires a new password every 3 months, on several different systems.  My phone requires a password if I want to buy apps.  I set Ranger up an Amazon wish list and forgot his password.  I recently forgot my on line bank password...

I know it's safer to have different passwords, but really, is having to ask for a new one all the time any safer?  Thank goodness for cookies*, which of course aren't the best idea either.  The computer automatically fills things in. Except of course when you change computers.  A long time ago I set up a website and a business (can it be called a business if nothing ever became of it?), and I have since forgotten the password.  I am pretty sure I gave it to my brother, since I gave him free reign on fiddling with the web design/coding.

It's just a good thing that I don't need a password to get into my home, or I'd be sleeping in the hallway.

*an aside here- the first time I encountered computer cookies, I was in a computer lab in college. Someone had cleared every cookie on the computer I sat down at, so every new web page asked if I would like a cookie.  "Would you like a cookie?" it would prompt.  I would look around the room for a plate of chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies, and not seeing any would select no.  The next time I selected yes to see if someone popped up with cookies.  Eventually I moved to another computer. And you know when I was done and left I went right to the store and bought some cookies.

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  1. For the longest time, I would have to reset my password EVERY TIME I got on facebook, so I just stopped going...until I found one that worked. I could tell you what it'd laugh, but obviously, I can't exactly post it. Kind of defeats the purpose. :) As to our banking, I don't even know ours any more. I gave it up to DH when we went overseas so he'd do it online, and now I don't know any of that. shrug. Oh well. :) Good thing I trust him, huh? LOL


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