Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making time

What do you want to do that you feel like you don't have time/energy to do?

I would like to do more Wii workouts, for instance. But it's the furthest thing on my mind when I get home from work (because the first thing on my mind is giving kisses to the guys).  It's also off my radar in the morning when I'm trying to get myself and Ranger ready to go.

I would like to write more.  My BFF (Hi!) and I have been writing some fiction adventure/romance stories since forever- maybe even 10 years now.  We have at least one story pretty darn close to finished. But each time we think, ok, now we'll have the time to finish it up... life gets in the way... or we lose the muse as it were, and find ourselves writing for another character in another time.

Where do I find the time/energy?  The answer is of course that I should make time for that which is important to me.

Of course, knowing the answer, and following through are two different things.

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  1. Hi! :) I totally get it. And I get the "don't want to's" occasionally--where I (inside) do really want to do something constructive, but, darn it, I just can't get up enough energy to want to move in that direction. yeah, sewing on that dress...that would be good. But Ooohh...I haven't played Diner Dash in a while. :) And so I never move. I'm trying REALLY hard to do better. I think we all need schedules. :) But I'd just forget where I put mine...

    (But we WILL get that story done. We will. :) )


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