Friday, March 12, 2010

My hate hate relationship with my feet

I hate my feet.  You've heard of the lady who wrote a book called I Feel Bad About My Neck.  I could write tomes on how much I loath these necessary appendages.

I hate the least my little toe, turned inwards and flattened.  I can never find the toenail to cut it, until the sucker starts to hurt.

I hate the bone spur that sticks out on my right foot.  That spot, if accidentally hit, can bring tears to my eyes. When I was in karate and sparing, that spot was a severe limfac, because I was constantly worried about and guarding it from a sweep.

But the thing I hate the most about my feet, the thing that has me wanting to forever hide my heels in sneakers and boots, to leave the sandals in the closet and keep the knee high socks on are my cracked and callused heels.  Marching band, ROTC and basic training, and two years of karate created some serious callouses, and now these are prone to cracking and splitting open to the point that it hurts to set them on the bed much less walk on. 

They hurt, they're ugly, they ruin socks and nylons, and the podiatrist has said there is nothing to be done with these fissures, as they're called.  I am not sure if I've mentioned this [insert sarcastic tone here] but I live in a walking city.  I walk constantly, and to have every step cause the kind of pain* you can only get by putting pressure on an open wound is not putting a spring in my step. (*admittedly it's not like level 10 pain I'm talking about- it's just like having a small cut on the bottom of your foot).

I hate getting pedicures, because they either take off too much and so the heels hurt as much as they would anyhow, or they take too little off and a few days later I'm back to "I hate my feet".

Recently I got the PedEgg.  I'm still figuring out how to best use it.  If I already have a fissure, the PedEgg is a no go-it will snag and hurt.  I have special socks to sleep in, special cream to use, gel inserts for my shoes...what more can I do?

So, do you have a part that you have a hate hate relationship with?

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  1. I have bad callouses on my feet, too that I'm working to rid myself of. The thing that works best for me is to ALWAYS use my pumice stone and/or file in the bath/shower. Then when I get out, put foot lotion all over them. They are in no way 'fixed' yet, but they are already 10 times better. But I have to be consistant, and ALWAYS do this. If I stop, they get all snaggy again. So, I'm not too fond of my feet, either. Or my belly. I have mommy belly after three kids. (and one set of twins, which I'm sorry...was WAY harder on my belly than the first one...I got HUGE!) What can I say? No two pieces for me. LOL sigh. Working on that, too, I guess, I'm just a little lazy when it comes to exercise. :)


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