Monday, March 1, 2010

Random bits

This weekend I attempted to throw up my toenails.  Seriously, that was some crud I had, and I am SO thankful that it went away after around 12 hours. 

This past Friday it SNOWED A LOT here and I just wanted to share with you the many ways I saw people helping each other.  I saw a lady helping another lady who had slipped.  I saw someone help a man get over a mound of snow on to the side walk.  We had people warn us about falling ice (a danger in a city where you have pedestrians walking right where the ice falls).  I heard people giving directions to great places to sled, and received plenty of "be careful it's slippery" words of caution.  It's so nice to see such friendliness.

My mother in law bought us each a three pack of Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Squeeeee!

My fears about forgetting the baby seem to be unfounded. (For some reason I was afraid that I'd leave Ranger at daycare or something similar)

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