Friday, November 26, 2010

Ah! December starts NEXT WEEK!!!!

Ok, Y'all. December first is a big mile marker on our calendar this year. It's Moving Day, Ranger's Birthday, and Hanukkah. 

Let's take these one at a time, shall we?

We're moving to a lovely neighborhood in Queens. But our apartment wont be available until Jan 1st. So in the mean time, our movers are going to store our stuff and we'll be living with my inlaws. They have a lovely set of guest rooms, and I think we've got the first floor baby safer (since no one can really baby proof their home as well as the baby's parent can).  

All that to say that on Tuesday we're putting Loki and Thor into a kennel, where they will stay until Jan, and we're taking our suitcases to our temporary residence. Wednesday we are overseeing the movers, and Thursday our cleaning crew comes in. Ok, really it's just one person, but she's been with us for over two years and does a great move out cleaning.

We're not going to celebrate Ranger's birthday or Hanukkah Wednesday. But I am making Ranger's cake (and am so excited about that because I have all kinds of awesome stuff to do that with now- thanks mom!!). I hope to get that done on Friday. 

I have to pick up the last of the Hanukkah gifts on Monday, then wrap them and label them and think about how I'm getting them safely to our December residence.

After the 5th, I have a well baby check up with a new pediatrician- then I have about a week, maybe a week and a half to get Christmas presents. I know exactly what to get the people I don't need to get stuff for (I know that doesn't quite make sense, but my brothers and I made a rule that as adult siblings we don't exchange holiday gifts unless we're celebrating in the same location).  If I were getting my brothers a gift, I'd get them gift cards to iTunes because who doesn't want more apps for their iPad? I want to get my nephew something fun- he's four (wow! four already!).  All in all I think I have 5, maybe 6 Christmas gifts to get, wrap and send.

At the end of the month we are going on a cruise with a large group of family and friends. I am told there will be formal nights, so I need to 1)try on my one black dress and 2) get another dress. I also have to get Ranger some warm weather clothes, like a swim suit.
And there's a kazillion other little things that need to get done in the month of December. 
I think I may need more than one of me to do it all.

Any how, my posts will likely be pretty sparse for a bit. I think you can understand.

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