Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At almost $3 a pop

Y'all, if I thought I'd have the time and energy- I'd start selling my cake pops!

I sent something like 30 into E's office (their response was "these are dangerously good"). I could have made $5 after federal, state, and city taxes and accounting for the cost of supplies....ok, maybe more than $5 but probably not much more.  And these things take a good bit of time to make. Especially if you have to keep an eye on/chase a very mobile 11.5 month old (holy crap! Can you believe it's been almost a whole year!).
But maybe....maybe at Valentine's day I can make up a boat load and wrap them like flowers/roses....

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  1. If we lived closer, we could start a business together. :) Sock monsters and cake pops. Yeah, that could work. LOL


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