Thursday, March 10, 2011


So if it seems like I've been on a hiatus, both with my own blog and comments on other people's, it cause I have. I have been focusing my free time on making changes to a story my BFF and I have been writing.
A long time ago, like in high school, we discovered that I write action, adventure, and fictional politics pretty well, while she could give Nora Roberts a run for her money. I had to ask her to give me a warning if a scene was going to be steamy- I was reading these in public! Thankfully we both use the same methods for writing, and "see" the same ideas as The story progresses. Some times we can't tell who wrote a scene, we mesh so well.
So my time has been spent there. I have been toying with a few posts for y'all, but nothing concrete and until the weather improves, Ranger and I have cut back on our adventures.

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