Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small business service in the big city

Yesterday I walked past our locally run pharmacy on our way to Gymboree. I paused for a moment to think if we have any prescriptions due for refills, and continued on my way to class. I figured we would swing back to the pharmacy on our way back.

A few minutes before class, I get a call from Stan. He is our pharmacist. He had been parking his car, running late to open, and was concerned I had been waiting for him to open or otherwise inconvenienced. I explained I had not at all been troubled by his late open (had just figured he opened at the top of the hour) and wasn't even sure if we had refills due. When class was over we swung back by his shop and he had everything ready for us, along with more apologies for running late.

A few weeks ago he called to ask if he could call the doctor and get permission to dispense the generic version (the doctor had written dispense as written, otherwise the pharmacy has to give the generic).

This folks is not what I ever thought I could expect from a pharmacy, and certainly not what we could get in the city. We had moved our prescriptions to this store when it opened figuring anything would be better than Duane Reade (a Walgreen's type store found only in NYC).

Whenever possible we support locally run businesses, and this is why. Our pharmacist knows us by sight, calls us, talks Ranger up, and is generally a kind guy.

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