Friday, May 18, 2012

Jealous of my son's watercolor painting skills.

Ranger is two and a half. I am seriously jealous of how well he paints with watercolor.

I'm not about to tell you he's a prodigy. I just want to say he does it better than I do. I have managed a few nice bits of art here and there, and I use watercolors....but I use them like one would paint with oil or acrylic. You cannot look at my painting and say, oooh, watercolor!

Also? I stink at abstract. I look at his paintings and just wish I could manage the freedom of abstract- an image with no inherent meaning or shape...

Not that HE considers it abstract art.

Lately he says everything he paints is a tree. All I can say is...such a beautiful world of trees he makes for me.

Pictures bellow: Some of his watercolors, followed by some of mine.

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