Thursday, May 24, 2012

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I spend a lot of time waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I am not sure which shoe, but it's probably one of my white sandals. I can never find them of late- even when I put them where shoes go. For two days in a row I wore obnoxiously red crocs (what I consider pool shoes) because I couldn't find my white shoes. And also my sneakers are all (temporarily- I hope) too tight for my pregnancy swollen feet. When I did find my white shoes, they were in a designated shoe spot, which means I put them away properly last time and didn't remember doing so and didn't see them there when I looked.

You may be thinking, how hard is it to just look at the shoe spot in the closet? Apparently quite hard. We use some hanging sweater storage things for shoes, three of them (some of the spots are designated for glove/hat/tissue/scarf items, but mostly it's all for shoes.) There is one hanging thingy that has some purpose made shoe specific spots, but those are so small I only use them for Ranger's shoes. Most of our designated shoe shelves have two sets of shoes...and that's where I start losing shoes. The sandals are thin and easily pushed further back into the bin, or covered by a larger set of shoes.

Given that my bend-over-and-look ability is limited on account of my growing baby-filled middle, my attempts at finding anything not immediately in sight have heretofore been unsuccessful. Ranger wore sandals instead of sneaks for half a week before E "found" the little man's sneakers. They had been put away in a large shoe shelf/bin and covered with adult sized shoes. Not a huge deal except Ranger thought he was headed to the beach for the days he was wearing the sandals.

I've decided, now that I have found my white sandals, to keep them out of the closet and somewhere out in the open. So far the cat climber has worked- keeps the shoes at a decent height for both seeing and reaching.

But that might be why I'm always waiting for the other shoe to fall/drop.

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