Thursday, September 20, 2012

There will be disappointments.

My mom gave me some good advice when I was pregnant with Ranger:

There will be times you be face disappointments-where you will have some great adventure or treat in mind for your child but will have to cancel because he is misbehaving or sick. Or you will both be disappointed because the weather is bad or something pressing comes up. It is important to remember that these are life's little disappointments.

I come back to these words often. These words remind me to breathe. To accept that my plan to go to some place, do some activity, or get the morning's dishes done before I start dinner might not work out.

I can accept that it is disappointing...most days. Some days I imagine a great adventure for Ranger but he wants nothing to do with it or is in such a mood I dare not take him out. Some days we start a craft project and five minutes in Ranger declares himself "awl done!" and wants to play trains or play clay or go outside.

I need to breathe on those days, to let the day unfold as it will. Be flexible.

It is easy to get disappointed. I want my boys to have the kind of childhood I had. I have many happy memories from my youth. What my mother's words and her actions showed me is these little disappointments do not need to weigh you down.


  1. Such good advice. This is something I ope very much to keep closer to my heart as I get ready to have our last baby. Thanks for sharing.


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