Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adapt and Overcome

When my husband wanted to move to NYC, I was adamantly against hesitant really supportive. Finally I said ok, as long as we can move after one year if I hate it.

Because I pride myself on an Adapt and Overcome mentality, I learned how to live here very quickly.

I learned my way around quickly.
I got a job quickly (twice, because the first one wasn't agreeing with me).
Some people were impressed with how quickly these things happened. New York is usually an associational society- it is usually who you know that makes it possible for you to find a good job. I got both on my own, without connections. And frankly, now that I work for BIG INC, I realize I was pretty lucky in recognizing the opportunity and taking the risk. But, Hey, Adapt and Overcome!

After a year I hated it. I wanted so much to leave, but the timing was all wrong with the job thing and other life things, so we said we'd leave the following year when the lease was up. And a year later, we agreed to work in the Manhattan area but live in the 'burbs. We were looking to find a house in the suburbs...then the economy sank. No sense in spending undervalued assets. I was sad resigned to be stuck living in NYC. I braced myself for living IN MANHATTAN rather than on Roosevelt Island. I figured I'd put a brave face on while hating it.

And I sorta hate like it.

In adapting to city living, I sometimes feel like I've lost part of myself. In overcoming I sometimes find myself good at living here.

I say to Loving Husband, the city has won.
Could I even go back to living in say, Montgomery, AL? I liked living there. I liked living in Colorado Springs, and Pensacola, FL. When we went to visit Montgomery this Christmas, and when we were in Pensacola last summer...I started to get a feeling like something about ME had changed. Could I still live in places like this? Had living in the Big Apple changed me somehow?

So now I guess you could say I'm

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