Friday, January 30, 2009

Art Friday

Today was full of tedious tasks. All day long, I did basically the same thing over and over. This thing is critical, but it's boring and boring and well, boring.

To entertain myself between each boring task, I've been visiting this blogger on her blog Chickens in the Road. She lives on a farm in West Virginia. In short, where she lives is the complete opposite of where I live. I just found her blog while voting on the bloggies awards, and I must have spent every available free moment reading her archives. Between her and Pioneer Woman I can vicariously experience a lifestyle alien to my own. If you haven't been to either place, and you happen to come across my blog (next to obscure in the e-dictionary there's a link to my post), check out these two and then hop back and marvel at the difference. Um, no comparing writing or photography or baking skills. Just the whole where we live thing. These ladies have me beat hands down on all that other stuff.

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