Tuesday, February 9, 2010

you've got WHAT in your bag?

So this morning I had to do the part of my annual physical where I fast and give ten vials of blood (or maybe three, it's hard to tell when you're that hungry and tired) and pee in a cup.  Except that 20 ounces of water I drank before getting to the place? Yeah, totally not ready to come out.

I sat for a little while in the waiting room but eventually I knew there was no way I was filling that cup before I needed to go to work.  So I asked if I could come back.

To my surprise, they let me take the little vial thing, into which the sample goes, with me. 

From the doctor's office I went for oatmeal and chai at Starbucks, still no sample. 

Finally I got what they needed, all sealed up in the vial, and realized....I'm going to be carrying this thing around until I can turn it in.

*crossing my fingers that it doesn't break/spill/leak*

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  1. I drink so much water that a nurse at my OBGyn once told me it was a "pleasure" to check my urine. It made me shudder to think of that nurse's life. Imagine my urine is a pleasure - wait don't imagine, that's gross.

    Hope you were successful and careful. Oy.


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