Sunday, December 12, 2010


Sometimes life is so full of heart ache, or stress, or frustration that it grips you and shakes you until your legs and heart are wobbly and you feel if one more thing comes, if the other shoe falls, if you lose the keys... you consider staying in bed all day.

Sometimes life has painful moments that are so quick and short that the hurt doesn't start right away.


Sometimes life is so full of pleasant moments that your heart overflows. These are the big things- the things that leave you speechless, bring tears of happiness to your eyes. It is as though the whole of life's wonders are wrapping you up in a comfy blanket.

Sometimes you have a moment or two and it grips you like a big bear hug, then leaves you breathless. It's a smile here, a kind word, a shared's something or nothing but it's warm and full of happiness.


Here's to being a catalyst for the latter. Here's to holding the door, nodding to a mom whose child is cranky, to buying that soldier his meal, and for letting the other guy go first.

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  1. And here's to great friends, who touch your lives in such a special way and warm your heart with happy memories and special times.

    Love you, lady. :) Thanks for being my friend these many years. :)


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